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Those from the Sailor Moon universe will recognize the Infinity Delta from their world...in a sense. Physically it is just like Infinity Delta – a city built over a highly-sought-after reclaimed portion of bay land, the triangle plot of the school being in the center, divided into three zones, with bridges and highways and even a subway connecting to the mainland. And their air is almost always dark, always cloudy, as if a rainstorm were about to break over the area. But there the similarities seem to stop.

People acclimated to the Delta might notice, for example, that no one who is not part of the Reclamation Committee, Sponsors, or simply a homegrown resident of these parts can seem to leave, for some reason. Or if they can, they have to go through substantial red tape to get the proper permissions. Those who can leave without problems seem to go out of their way to avoid talking to you, at least when they can avoid it. And then there are the other people who are willing to talk to you – faces from the past thought to be dead. The Principal, for example, and six of the brightest students in the school – weren't they defeated long before? Or is something else afoot?

Then there are your powers. Everyone who had powers, suddenly finds themselves struggling to use them. One moment you're transforming and about to summon an attack, the next you're flat on your back in the nurse's office. Something is definitely afoot here, but there's no signs of anything wrong with you – which only makes the feeling of anxiety worse.

And another thing. The official name of the city is Taioron, according to the few welcome signs one may come upon. Though it sounds innocent enough, one may not help but feel a slight chill down one's spine when it is said, and even long-time residents and those on the mainland seem cautious to avoid saying that name – thus, “the Delta” is most often used.

Powers: Powers can be used by those who have them, but are severely limited for reasons unknown. People who use their powers too much will suddenly lose consciousness, ending up in the nearest medical facility. The doctors and nurses are kind as can be and will treat you for exhaustion, but if you happen to look at your medical records, quite a few things seem off, or missing. When questioned, the answer is the same: that was all they ever received, and not to worry, exhaustion is common in a stressful environment such as the Delta.

Handheld communicators: Every person – student, teacher, regular citizens – receive a special handheld communicator to stay in contact with friends and others around the city. They are used, in particular, as the primary source of communication with the leaders of the Delta, who otherwise do not speak to the populace.

Technology: Technology is just like that of modern times, if not a little more advanced. Internet is a given, and there's at least one Internet cafe open 24 hours a day – though you'll have to pay to use it, of course.

Also - for a small monthly fee - the comms can receive Internet access, allowing you to receive any web page from anywhere around the world – though if you're looking to find information about the history of Taioron or the Delta, mysteriously, there are none to be found.

Dormitory Buildings: Every sponsored person is required to live in one of the three dormitories that tower above Infinity Academy, whether or not you're a student of the Academy. The sponsors are paying good money for you to stay here, and judging by what you see as you walk into your assigned building, it shows.

For the most part, all three buildings are the same: 100 floors, 30 apartments to every housing floor, and with few exceptions two people per apartment. The apartments are all large, two-room, with one shower, a kitchen, a living room and a dining room table. Also a plus, all apartments have windows. All apartments are fully-furnished with beds, shelving, drawers, etc. and has air conditioning and heating. It also includes a computer which only connects to the local Infinity server and to the handheld comms - the school authorities frown on people using their computers for anything other than education and internal communication. You also have a television, but it only allows for basic cable.

The top floor is a recreational area that includes a swimming pool, an exercise room, a tennis and basketball court. Everything on the top floor is open 24 hours a day, and equipment is provided.

The bottom floor is the lobby, which includes the building's dining hall. While people are allowed to make their own food in their own apartment, the staff encourages everyone to come down once in awhile. The food is rather good, as it should be, since most of the chefs are professionals trained at the Academy.

Reclamation Committee: The size, the number, and the origins of this committee are unknown. The only visible member of the group at current, as well as the most vocal, is the principal of Infinity Academy. Though she is always open for questions, and seems willing to help, there are still many questions she will either answer vaguely or not at all. Especially questions regarding the Committee. People who bother her too much about this tend to find out the hard way she's not a woman to annoy.

Sponsors: Like the Reclamation Committee, the Sponsors are mysterious, their numbers and names confidential. They are the benefactors of those brought here, and are apparently very wealthy. Everyone is divided according to Sponsor, usually denoted by color, though officially it is just a formality; still, it is wise to at least acknowledge that they are the reason you are well-off. They all take an interest in the Delta, and in those they have chosen to bring here – some, perhaps, more than others.

The School: All school age children are required to register for school, though attendance is not necessarily mandatory. Still, it may be in the best interest to attend, since students and faculty get perks and access to places that no one else does. And the more visible you are at school, the better perks you get. After all, why not? It's just a school, and judging by the clientèle, the atmosphere, and all the advantages, it would be a waste not to try.

Monsters: No one will admit to it. There is no comment from the Reclamation Committee, or the principal of Infinity Academy. But no amount of stonewalling can stop the pervasive whispers that they exist – and they are everywhere, different shapes and sizes. The reality to the rumors, of course, remains to be seen... ?

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