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∞sic infit∞

Many years ago, in another time, another place, no one knows exactly when or how. A great battle was fought, one that decided the course of an entire universe. The victory was decisive, and long-lasting, but few remember. Few know that such a battle ever occurred, for with time came forgetfulness and peace of events connected to it. And for those on the winning side, those who had fought that do remember, it is a battle best left forgotten by the masses, or at worst summed up as a strange, unexplainable occurrence. It would always be a sudden gap of time forever missing from that distant spring day, a mystery forever unsolved save by those who guard the human race.

But those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it, and not everyone is willing to let bygones be bygones.


For you, it all started innocently enough. It was just an envelope, like any kind you got in the mail, only it was neatly on your bed, or tucked away in the folds of your clothing. Or perhaps you
did recieve it in the mail. In any case, there was no return address, no postage, no stamp. Just your name. And a strange set of symbols: A black star over a black infinity sign.

You turn it over, quizzical, maybe a little suspicious. But you are definitely curious as to what this letter says. You tear it open, and you read it.

To Whom It May Concern,

We congratulate you on being chosen to come to the City of the Future. Preparations have been made for your arrival; we hope that you enjoy your time here in our care.

Your Sponsor

You laugh at this. Or you roll your eyes and tear the paper up. Whatever you do, the moment you finish reading your eyes start to feel heavy, and you feel the compulsion to sleep. Maybe you drop down then and there, or maybe you make it to your room and curl up in your bed.

Or perhaps, you are filled with resolve. And you decide to go, because something in the back of your mind tells you, you need to be there. And when you get to your destination, you fall into the first bed you can find, a sound sleep.

But be prepared, whatever you do.

Because when you wake up, the adventure has just started....

Welcome to Taioron.

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