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in absentia

∞in absentia∞

If you need to take a break, or something has happened which requires you to be away from the game, this is the post to respond to. The maximum amount of time to hiatus is one month, before hiatus must be renewed.

Comment here with the following:

For "Character Vacation", this means that you'd like your character(s) to be given permission to return to their worlds for the duration of the hiatus. That's right - we allow the chance for your characters to return to their home worlds for hiatus! You can have one or all of them return, but keep in mind - you are not guaranteed that all of your characters, if any, will get to return home every hiatus (as the mods will respond to your hiatus comment as to the reults of your character'(s) requests to go home, - which is decided by AIM dice - and the NPCs will ICly note who they've allowed to go home). In that case, those who don't end up back home may be coma'ed, or simply vanished.

In either case, we hope to see you back soon!

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