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temet nosce

∞temet nosce∞

If you'd like to apply a character, please fill out the following information and send it to taioronmods@gmail.com post it here! That's right, we are accepting apps right here in this post, and comments are screened! :)

But! Make sure to put the following in your subject heading: Character (OU/AU). Failure to do so will result in an automatic rejection.

Once you recieve your acceptance e-mail, please follow the instructions within, as if you don't you may not be able to post in the comms or recieve the friends add/drop list.

Thank you, and welcome to the City of the Future!

plotbasicsfaqworldrulesreservetakenhiatus droppedapplicationadd/drophousingmod contact

main communitylogsmod journaloocnpc

Tags: *application, *ooc
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