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1. No godmodding. This means, no killing, hurting, or interfering with another person's character without permission from that person or from the moderators. It also means no omniscience about other people's worlds without that person's permission, or breaking the fourth wall/using the fourth wall to imply omniscience (i.e. telling someone they are a cartoon/fake character or inferring about a movie sequel where the person dies, etc.).

2. Respect your fellow players, and more importantly, if you have a problem with a player, take it up with the player or with the mods. Stirring up unneccessary drama and/or deliberately causing problems with another player without provocation will result in swift action, up to and including a ban.

3. When doing a log, please make sure to tag them appropriately. It not only saves the moderators from having to manually tag, but it also helps players looking for past logs and makes gameplay overall smoother.

4. Please keep your entries/plots/etc. clean. We are looking to keep this RP in the realm of PG-13, so no excessive sex, blood, gore, violence, rape, etc. No exceptions.

5. Character limitations:

  • Players are allowed to play up to six characters. Of these six, only three may be allowed from the same series. Characters from movie/book/animated/different versions of a series counts toward this limit.

  • We allow up to three different AUs of every character. However, you may not play more than one version of any character, AU or otherwise.

  • At the moment, we do not allow OCs and will not accept any OC applications. However, this may very well change in the future.

6. Activity Checks:

  • Activity Checks will be held once every two months, and will last for one week.

  • The magic number to pass the Activity Check is three - three posts per character. This can be achieved either with journal posts and/or log posts, in any combination.

  • If you do not respond to the Activity Check, you have three days to notify the moderators as to the reasons you did not post. After three days, your character(s) will be dropped.

  • First Month Clause: The Activity Check is designed with the fact that a lot of people have busy lives in mind (the mods included!) so we understand if you can't post often. However, if you have no activity (no post, no comments, nothing in any comms) within the first month of being approved for the roleplay, you will automatically be dropped at the end of the first month. This is to cut down on any potential character squatters.

7. How to do begin entries in the log community:

8. Remember, if you have any problems or questions not addressed in any of the mod posts, there is a mod contact post, where you can choose to either e-mail, AIM or leave a comment in the post (which will be screened) to the moderators.

9. And finally....have fun. :3

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