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Though the Delta is small in comparison to other cities, there are many places for people to see and to experience. Here are some of the major spots to be found:

The Schoolgrounds

Infinity Academy: Though it is well-known for many other things, Taioron's claim to fame is the school. Every grade from preschool to graduate college is taught in this sixty-floor monument to education and state-of-the-art architecture. Other features, such as a security system which allows only students and faculty to enter the building, makes it as safe a learning environment as can be found.

A safe, if not an academically strenuous environment. Though various subjects are taught, nearly everything falls under four major education categories: philosophy, drama, science, and physical education. Students are constantly encouraged to accelerate in the subjects that are their weakest, and constantly pushed in their best to do better. The students who top their respective best fields are given a special privilege: teach their own classes for extra credit. This school curriculum is not for the weak of heart – indeed, the school frowns on people who do not give their best effort and is not hesitant to demote half-hearted students to the Preparatory School – and subject them to ridicule. And Infinity, like most schools, has a very strict dress code. Failure to abide by this code will result in swift retribution by the school principal.

Still, Infinity is not entirely terrible – being a student has its perks. Students can enter nearly any Delta establishment for free, and depending on their sponsor are well-housed during their education. Their food, their clothing, everything is paid for by the sponsor so long as the student has their student card present. And if you are faculty, similar rewards are available, plus, the salary is handsome enough.

Still, there is one place that no one can get into, not even the vice-principal, without trouble. This is the basement floor of the Academy itself, which is completely off-limits to everyone. Attempts to enter the stair-laden hallway with the word “DANGER” written on the door leading to it has lead to quick expulsions, with the offending students – and their belongings – normally disappearing within 24 hours of the infraction.

Infinity Botanical Gardens: Connected to the academy, this several-storied greenhouse and the plants within are produced almost entirely by students in the science and botany classes. It is the only area that non-students can enter without problems, though an admission of 5 dollars must be paid in order to do so. Comparisons to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the Garden of Eden have reportedly been heard by people, even those without a gardening bone in their body.

For those who are interested in buying some of the school's amazing array of floral and arboreal delights, there is also a small store outside of the greenhouse where people may buy flowers grown and seeds cultivated at the gardens, which has proven very profitable indeed. All the money raised by this business goes towards the upkeep of the gardens.

***** Research Labs: A lab facility nestled right under the shadow of the academy, straddling the line between Kaiou Zone and Meiou Zone. It looks innocent enough, as there seems to be a house connected to it, though the barbed-wire fence may be off-putting. Also off-putting is the fact that someone's name was once on the sign gracing the gates of this abnormally quiet facility....but it has been scratched out, quite literally, and replaced by several large jagged grooves and a brownish-red paint which pocks the whole sign. No one is ever seen coming in or out of this building, and the Reclamation Committee – and the Academy principal - has only one thing to say about it: 'No comment'.

Tenou Zone

Tenou Building: The first Infinity dormitory. The majority of Academy students tend to live
in this building, as it is the official student dormitory, though it turns out that some floors are also rented out to outsiders. Considered the cheapest of the apartments to live in, cheaper even than on the mainland, most of the people who rent out here are families and low-income workers, and demand for rooms here is high. So, ironically enough, it is the hardest building to obtain a room in, especially if you are not an Academy student.

Infinity Prepratory School: Generally for students with a GPA lower than 2.5, or a entrance exam grade lover than 65 percent. This, also known as Infinity Prep, is the 'dunce' school; however, the courses, while slightly easier than in the main school, are no less competitive. Indeed, each semester the school's top 20 exam performers are personally given a security card by the Academy's principal in a ceremony, thereby securing them their place in the prestigious school. Unlike the Academy, Infinity Prep is completely free and has a much laxer dress code, since kids from other schools from the mainland attend, but are stricter with attendance rules. It is also only open to schoolchildren ages 13-18.

Kaiou Zone

Kaiou Building: The second Infinity dormitory. Though both teachers and students have been and are enrolled into this building, officially this is the building, more than any of the three dormitories, that is let out to outsiders, as the pricing is ideal for middle-income families and workers from the mainland wishing for space. Some floors have been converted to accommodate temporary visitors, and as a result the building doubles in some respects as a hotel – a hotel with a long waiting list. That, and anyone wishing to meet or see those from the mainland are more likely to catch them here, before they leave for work or other parts.

Infinity School Commemorative Dome: One of the largest entertainment facilities and convention centers ever built, this state-of-the-art indoor facility is able to hold two events of 100,000 people simultaneously with room to spare for other, smaller events. With underground parking, sound-proof walls in the concert halls and dozens of conference rooms and venues, it is the ideal place to hold some of the greatest events the world has ever seen – and no doubt the Reclamation Committee aims has plenty of events ready for action...

Meiou Zone

Meiou Building: The third Infinity dormitory. Officially this building is the housing for teachers, but as with all housing, certain floors are rented out for use by outsiders, and on occasion students will also be housed here. The most expensive of the three buildings, most of the non-school residents who rent out here are the business owners of the Delta, as well as other high-rollers from the mainland.

C Park: This theme park is state-of-the-art, providing rides, a huge videogame arcade, themed attractions of famous cartoon characters, numerous boardwalk games and more. It's most famous ride is the Skywalker, a flying roller coaster that is designed to ride part of its track over the waters - giving the sensation that one is flying over the sea. Aside from the arcade, which is always free to enter, admission is free for Infinity students and children under 5; Infinity teachers get a discount. Everyone else must pay full price, which is about 45 dollars a person.

The Nonus

The outer-lying regions of the Delta that are not fully within the confines of the school or of the main three zones. However, many important buildings and areas still exist within this area:

Byoki General/Infinity University Medical Center: A hospital complex that is partially within Ten'ou Zone. Originally just Byoki General, it also now houses Infinity Academy's on-site teaching university as well, which has helped expanded the complex's services greatly and has become the region's most important medical facility, as well as one of the largest employers outside of the actual Infinity School. The original two-story building which housed the original hospital is now the emergency department - though some thing it's rather a large space for an ER, in reality it suits both the Delta and the mainland's needs just fine.

Taioron Police Department: As everyone will learn, the police of Taioron are everywhere. Quite literally. Though their main station is in between Meiou and Ten'ou Zone, there are security stations in all three zones, Funkorogashi, C Park, near the hospital and a security post within Infinity School. Every station has at least one holding cell, and the main station also has a building connected to the Taioron District Court, which - except in exceptional cases - is off-limits to players.

Funkorogashi: In between the Meiou and Kaiou Zones, this district near the water is where many low-income workers - and some of the mainland's slightly more unsavory characters - live. Unable to live on the mainland, but unable to live in the three main buildings, most are confined here within a one-block area. Though it sparkles with neon lights, skyscrapers and countless shops, in reality this area is more or less a slum - it's merely a slum that has not yet fully come into its own just yet. The police closely watch this area and manage to keep the peace, but they are unable, or maybe just unwilling, to stop the area's biggest draw - stolen, bootlegged and knockoff items ranging from purses to games and everything in between.

Yubin-Ya Station: Taioron's post office. A medium-sized brick building straddling the border of Kaiou Zone and the School itself, it allows normal postage and postage of a more unconventional variety. Indeed, Yubin-Ya's couriers can apparently bring letters and packages to any time, any place, any universe - for a price, of course. No money? They're more than willing to come to an agreeable solution, though their suggestions may not be entirely what the sender would have expected.

Oshare - A large shopping center in between the Ten'ou and Kaiou Zones, and which also lies near the northeast border of the city itself. Still under construction, it is seven stories and is a primarily outside mall. Its flagship stores are Mitsukoshi and Don Qujiote, while within are numerous other stores and restaurants - some which, incidentally, seem to come from other worlds, just like many of Taioron's residents. Unfortunately, it is also very upscale, and with few exceptions everything found here will be very expensive.


There are multiple other buildings and businesses in Taioron, ranging from small to large,occupied and unoccupied, covering many different aspects and needs. Aside from the dormitories and the limited space in Funkorogashi, however, there are very few notable residential areas on the Delta, and no municipal or government buildings that are originally based on the mainland.

For an idea of what and where everything is, the spiffy crappy colorful? map of Taioron is here.

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