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~A Sailor Moon-based RP? Why should I play, I don't even know the canon!
It's true that Taioron is based on elements found in Sailor Moon – particularly the Infinity arc. However, you're not required to have knowledge of Sailor Moon to play. In fact, the head mod has done her best to accommodate to the fact that most Rpers (and one of the mods are included in this count!) probably don't know much about Sailor Moon or never saw it. Most of the information needed to understand the game's setting is right here in Basics and The World. So in essence, it's similar to most panfandom Rps – the main setting just happens to be in a Sailor Moon-based location and the RP plot is based off of it.

~Do I have to play a Sailor Moon character?
Not at all! You're not required to play any Sailor Moon character. Heck, you don't have to play an anime character if you don't want to. Books, comics, movies, TV – anything goes! And not only that, but we allow AUs!

~Awww, but someone took the AU of a character that I wanted to do...
Unlike most RPs, we allow up to three AUs of one character. That means people who want to play a particular character have up to four different chances to play them, and it also allows for some more interesting character interactions, for sure!

~Well, I'm not big on RPs that force people into another world with no chance of returning. I want a way to come in and out willingly!
Well, we are glad you said something! This is an RP that does allow characters to come and go on their own free will. Though, similar to those forced here against their will, they fall unconscious upon arriving – be it through portals or warp zones, or however your character chooses to arrive – and will wake up some time later, not knowing what happened. Also, those who wish to leave, must go through a bit of red tape first – and their visits home can only be for a specified amount of time. Once their time is up, they will fall unconscious and wake up back in Taioron, regardless of what they are doing...

~No way! Does this mean if I need to hiatus, I can occasionally send my characters back home for a little while IC during that time?
Yes you can! Just remember, though, IC-wise bureaucratic red tape prevents this from happening a whole lot, so don't rely on it ICly too much.

~Is there a difference between characters who come willingly to Taioron, and those who are forced here? Can the people who came willingly get out easier?
Nope. There is no difference. Once those who willingly came to Taioron arrive, they are basically “trapped” much like those forced here, and if they wish to visit their home worlds, they must go through the proper channels.

~Can anyone go onto the mainland?
No one save for NPCs.

~What is the technology like in Taioron?
The technology is an advanced version of that found in the 1990's. In other words, it's basically technology as it exists in the here and now. Still, those with specific futuristic needs (to give an example, Halo's bioform) will be accommodated as best as possible by the NPCs – and amazingly they can do such accommodations very well. They will not refurbish weapons, however.

~Speaking of weapons. Are mine going to be altered/taken away/have anything done to them?
No. No alterations. However, there are still plenty of disadvantages to having weapons on you in Taioron – and especially using them. For example, those with futuristic guns (like, for example, a blaster from Star Wars) will be very hard-pressed to find ammunition or refill cartridges, so mind your supply. And then there's the whole issue of the police...

Yes, we have NPC police. And if you're arrested you end up in jail. Five infractions, and...well, let's leave it at the fact that your character, especially if they're evil, would do well to watch their step in Taioron. The police don't take kindly to any disorderly conduct.

~So wait, I can't kill/main/hurt people? That sucks!
Oh, you still can! Just be careful lest you leave witnesses you get caught. And yes, we allow the death of NPCs, but if you get too gung ho about it the police will catch you.

~I guess killing other characters is out of the question.
Yes...and no. You can, but you will need both mod and player permission to do so.

~If my character dies, can they come back?
Yes. But it won't be without side effects...

~So about these monsters...
Oh, right. The monsters. Well, without getting into too much detail here, monsters are part of this world, the types of which will be revealed through the roleplay. None of the NPCs will admit it, of course. And if you choose to fight these monsters when they surface, be prepared for the possibility of being injured. Because what's a fight without a few knocks?

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